Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Balentine Meat Packing Company

This article is about my great-grandfather's slaughter house business. Above is a can of lard from the plant.

Balentine Family Geneology

Walker and Nathaniel, My grandmother Haselwood (Nana's mother) was a Balentine. The Balentine's are from Scotland we are fairly sure since that is a Scottish name. But no one has been able to make the connection from South Carolina back to Scotland. There's a Balentyne castle in Scotland if you every go there.

Haselwood Family

Walker and Nathaniel, Lewis Worley Haselwood was Nana's father. I was 9 years old when he died. I remember my mother driving back from the beach at our house on Litchfield Beach crying when he died. She was driving so fast a policeman pulled us over for speeding. Of course the policeman let us go. When called Lewis "Papa". He always had a crew cut. He had a dental lab and a cattle farm and he also built houses. Below is a picture of him and Granny Haselwood.

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